Tom Southall



Tom Southall

Software Developer / Consultant

I've been making things for the web since the heady days of Netscape 4.5 and IE4 (that's 1998 if you weren't around at the time). Nowadays I build front-end web applications and components with React, and marvel now and again at how far things have come in 20 years (and also at how much hasn't changed).

I'm a product-focused developer. I don't get my kicks from good code (although I love good code). My focus is always on the thing being built and most importantly, the people who will be using it.

Most of my professional background is in hotel and travel metasearch and I've been lucky enough to lead and manage some stellar software teams made up of people much cleverer than I am.

I'm a big proponent of adopting atomic software development in my teams, which is a fancy way of saying "commit small and commit often". Having said that, I'm not overly dogmatic about it or anything else. In fact, I tend to prefer working with unopinionated everything, whether Javascript frameworks or people.

I feel very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas of England and I try to spend much of my free time outdoors: cycling, running and hiking the fells of Cumbria.